"Unleashing the potential of refugees" 

Work Space

We provide a free workspace where you can let your ideas flourish surrounded by other Danish entrepreneurs


Through creating network events and workshops we help to expand our entrepreneurs network and introduce them to potential partnerships

Personalised Support

By offering support personalised to the needs of the entrepreneur, we can help ensure the entrepreneurial  process is supported. 

Business development

We collaborate with the entrepreneurs to take their idea from concept to market.

About us

We are a social enterprise that facilitates business incubator and accelerator programmes, especially designed for the support of refugees. Although only established officially in mid 2016, R.E.D. has currently more than ten enterprises across many business stages and branches.

The R.E.D. programme operates on two levels, firstly within an incubation role supporting the entrepreneur in the construction of a business from start-up to a realization stage. Secondly R.E.D. also facilitates an accelerator stage, giving the refugees access to potential investor networks and reciprocal partnerships for mutual benefit. This, and more, is what makes up R.E.Ds incubation and acceleration processes.

We also provide various workshops on idea generation, business creation, as well as consulting to already established businesses or NGOs, private or governmental agencies looking to combine entrepreneurship and integration.

Our Partners

We work together with the a number of organisations, to recruit, support and grow entrepreneurs in our organisation