Refugee Entrepreneurs DEnmark

Our vision is to transform the "refugee crisis into a refugee opportunity" we aim to do this by unleashing the potential of refugees creating motivated and empowered invidviduals by using entrepreneurship as a integration tool and leveraging its multi dimensional aspects to educate and expand the life chances for the indvidual.

We have 5 phases in total to the programme however they can be broken down into 2 key areas Incubation and acceleration:

 Incubation: This prepares the indvidual for business creation in Denmark. Creating knoweldge around Business creation, design, marketing, IT, graphic design, accounting, business planning. Most importantly cultrual understanding ensuring the indvidual is aware of certain cultural norms that could mean the difference between failure and success.

 Accelerrator: The second phase takes this knoweldge created in the incubation module and puts it into practise in an accelrator.  We create access to micro finance and use our network to educate the indvidual in the creation of partnerships. This allows them to test their concept learn from mistakes and problem solve  new challenges. If the business is a success and we can see growth we then work with the indvidual to prepare pitch's for investors.

In Refugee Entrepreneurs Denmark we believe that no matter the outcome of the business, the different paradigms of entrepreneurship such as cultrual understanding, expansion of network, or the learning of skills fit for the Danish labour market. This will help to place the indvidual in a better position to become intergrated and obtain a job ensuring we do not create a dual soceity.    

You can read more about the Incubation and accelration and its different phases below:



  • Workshops, idea creation, business inspiration, business knowledge. 

  • Network events, business plan, business model, project description, basic budget.

  • Logo, website, accounting, partnerships, knowledge, mentorship, market testing

    Desired outcomes:
    Empowerment, Direction, Knowledge Opportunities
    Professionalism, Cultural understanding, Problem solving, identity.
    Business knowledge, IT skills, New networks, creativity, self-dependency.


  • Business to market, income, a product development, micro finance

  • Partnerships, Sparring, Consultancy,

  •  Investment., and Scale

    Desired outcomes:
    Marketing knowledge, investigation, negotiation, Change Agent, leadership, Asset to state, job creation, growth in economy, reciprocal integration.