Here you can find out more about the entrepreneurs we are currently collaborating with.


This entrepreneur from Syria, wants to create her own environmentally friendly cleaning company.

Eco clean aims to bring affordable environmentally friendly cleaning to Denmark. Offering an alternative to the harsh chemicals used by current cleaning companies and services. Eco Clean also wishes to employee refugee women and danish women to work together in the company to help create intergration

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Adam Beauty

Adam Beauty was created by a Syrian refugee who wanted to blend scandinavian and middle eastern make up styles, offering a new unqiue opportunity to its clients.

Adam beauty wants to support others to become make up artists and in doing so create their own employment opportunities.

They offer products, educational courses, and private bookings.

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Emissa is a social enterprise whose main purpose is to empower and integrate women and communicates across cultures through food.

Need a catering service with a difference? Or Want to find out more about Emissa? Visit:


COASTI imports the great tasting west african drink ‘Bissap’ . The company also empowers young africans and encourages entrepreneurship, by teaming up with a cooperative in West Africa

The product is an organic drink, and therefore naturally healthy. You can now buy COASTI's products and read more about the company at:


Goody Bikes- is a bike repair shop with a social aim its founder called Goody is a refugee from
Goody came to us and together we have established Goody bikes, it combines bike repair with great customer service low cost and a bike training programme for people on the edge of the labour market.

Goody Bikes training programme see's people on the edge of the labour market finish such a programme with a bike they have built themselves

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Carma Wash

"Not Just Another Car Wash!" CarmaWash is a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and customer tailored car washing company.

Their services include car washing, cleaning, polishing and a general maintenance health check of the vehicle. In CarmaWash they also provide a mobile on-demand form of their services to private customers, either at the customer’s chosen location or at our workshop.

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Falafel Co. was started by Azez a Syrian Refugee who wishes to bring the unique taste of Syrian Falafel to the Denmark.

Syrian falafel is unique in its taste and Azez believes it will be a hit on the Danish Market. Azez also wants to introduce Nordic influence into his concept to help create a unique product that can be popular to everyone in Denmark.


TellMe is an IT based business that aims to create a digitalised integration tool, supporting education and communication for newcomers in Denmark.

By assisting the process of integration such as understanding the Danish language, the cultural codes and the systems that construct the Danish society.

Behind the IT based communication platform is Khalid Jesri, A refugee and entrepreneur committed to providing empowerment and knowledge for the everyday individual.

5D Cinema

5-D Cinema was created by a Syrian refugee with a passion for changing the way people view their world.

5-D cinema operates in Shopping Centers, Tourist attractions, amusement parks. 5-D cinema is expanding into advertisment as a way to increase marketing opportunities of companies and help rethink the way we see advertising and the cinema as we know it.


Rebirth is a mobile, on-demand and on-site phone and tablet repair company. You call and they deliver

Rebirth strategy is to infiltrate the marketplace and combine customer service and mobile phone repair. Furthermore the new technology also means the cost of the phone repair is lower and more reliable.

Rebirth is founded by David Jason Lou, a refugee and entrepreneur.